German Shepherd Brings Lion Cubs As His Own Babies

Cats and dogs don’t always get along, but it’s beautiful when they get along. Supporting that beauty is, literally, this story about a special relationship of interspecies between a German Shepherd and baby lions.

Russia’s White Lion Park shared the sweetest photos and videos from their Instagram account with this beautiful family. If the photos don’t melt your heart, you may want to visit a cardiologist and find out if they are made of titanium alloy.


Sandra Becomes A Cub Mother

Frightening lions are scary, but the 8-year-old German Shepherd has no issue caring for small children. With her own puppy, Sandrochka (aka Sandra) quickly adds two new little ones to her trash.

He temporarily came to White Lion Park from an Artem family. In one caption, the park praises the mother dog’s behavior.

“Sandra loves her adoptees so much,” the park wrote.


The German Shepherd took the sheep of these two large cats, the size of small dogs, just like themselves. The cubs are guarded (dog milk is completely safe for lion cubs to eat) and are confined to their mother dog. Sandra gave the little ones an expensive lick and encouraged their reliance on her.

Both lions and dogs are pack animals, and even if they are charming, it’s no wonder Both classes feel comfortable creating a small family. For specific children, Sandra’s motherfuckers have proven to be especially helpful as the park’s resident lion refuses to feed them.


According to the park, Sirona the lioness was even bitten by the children, so they thought it would be best to find a surrogate mother. Luckily for them, Sandra was there.


A Sweet But Temporary Relationship

The park named the girl Sandra next to the mom dog who kept her safe in her most vulnerable hours. The boy is now called Vector. After just a few months, they grew even bigger.


Soon, they were so big it was hard to imagine that they were breastfeeding a German Shepherd. The female can weigh about four and a half times as much as Sandra in an adult, and the male lion cub can end up up to seven times the size.

As in the lions are wild animals, this relationship was never intended to be permanent. Fortunately, in the days of Instagram, we didn’t miss this beautiful period of time where a dog became the mother of lions.

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