Man’s Guide to Kitty Tricksters

Autumn is coming upon us, and the children of men aren’t the only ones who rejoice in a brain trick (or a treat!) To celebrate the season. Here are six ways cats can be deceitful during Halloween – and throughout the year.

  1. Hijacking the chair

You know the usual: Leave your chair for five minutes to grab a ballpoint pen or pour coffee. When you come back, the chair pillow magic grows fluff and funny cute faces. And if you decide to become a total monster and get rid of them, they are the ones who get hurt. Now we have a conscience above all else. That way, like the days when we humans sucked with our cat, we would surrender and take another, uncomfortable, seat.

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  1. Pretend to be asleep

Older cats slept an average of 15 hours per day, accompanied by periods of deep sleep, as well as shorter “one-eye-open” cat naps. As we all know well, kittens make their own rules, and it’s wise for us to let a sleeping cat lie. However, sometimes we want to get our sleeping cat’s attention: “Look at this new cigar cigar!” “Did you see the new kitchen box?” “Say hello to Grandma!” If we get any response, it’s usually a sarcastic chicken in the ear telling us, “I hear you but chose to ignore you.”

Now, ask the same cat if they want to treat or fill the air with the exciting pop of a cat that can open up to food, and they’re at your feet more likely to say “seafood medley.

  1. Hiding – sometimes in plain sight

Felines think they’re too good at hiding themselves, hidden from the human eye – and sometimes that’s them. It was known that they were sliding behind the pillows and found unsightly spots in the closet. However, their ingenuity is sometimes overshadowed by their inability to use inaccurate reasoning or stick their tails in: “They won’t see me if I’m completely standing behind this very good curtain” or “Sure, completely I’m dressed in bed skirts. ”Apparently the exposed tail is innumerable. Pretty sneaky, kitty.

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  1. Mocking the market

Who doesn’t love a kitty cuddle? This is best when the cat starts them, lovingly climbs into your lap, strokes your arm and shakes your whole body with mega purrs. One of life’s happiest is watching the cat approach you, that loving look in his eyes, slowly blinking in so many colors. Afterwards he continued to walk, passing us like we were cheap kibble on the clearance rack. His destination? Some random cardboard box that wouldn’t be as comfortable as our lap. Those snooping tricks are those taunts!

  1. Helping themselves with food

Most kittens operate under the self -defined policy, “Mine is mine, and what is yours is mine.” For some cats, it comes with the inside of our plates. Case in point: the “dinner-and-us aka-show” maneuver. We were comfortable on the sofa, fully immersed in the latest rom-com, plates piled up with pizza slices on the adjacent TV tray. The cat, borrowing a shift from his ancestor’s hunting techniques, lurks under the TV tray and waits for the perfect moment to attack the cheesy prey. Just as the screen was filled with kissy faces, a lone paw came to the plate and pulled the slice out of his grips. Sometimes we immediately knew the slice of pizza was missing, and other times we assumed we didn’t think we had eaten it during the kissy-face scene.

  1. Acts like they weren’t fed

This is a much more familiar scenario: We come home from an outing and our cats greet us as if they haven’t been fed in days. Seriously, this kind of drama is often only seen in bad TV movies, but these cats are convincing. As we quickly tweaked our immediate priorities, putting our about-to-come bladder at the bottom of the list, we grabbed the bowls and prepared to feed the hungry balls. In the meantime, our partner would just go inside to advise us that they only feed the cats. Cats, as always, claim complete innocence.

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